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Peace In The Park

A Festival Of Spirit

The 5th Annual Peace in the Park festival has been created with the aim to bring together the diverse Augusta and surrounding communities to unplug and explore activities of peace and happiness in a fun, inspiring and vibrant atmosphere.

The festival aims to nurture and revitalize the soul by creating the time and space to relax with friends, be with nature, give "voice" to one’s inner creativity & simply be your own "real" self. In this incredible atmosphere of lightness and positivity, let the journey to rediscovering and sharing your inner peace begin here... May the magic happen!

On September 28th, the 5th annual festival will feature live music; movement exercise including Tai Chi; "acts of goodness" camp and meditation talks & live meditation 


Music & Dance Performances

Nothing unleashes happiness like the sound of music and the freedom of expression through dance.  Our performers are sure to rekindle your inner artist

Meditation Talks

All you need is an open mind to enjoy the incredible atmosphere when hundreds of people come into harmony by thinking about peace for our world. With inspiring words, its easy to feel lifted into a higher consciousness

Tree of Goodness

We all carry an abundance of goodness inside and our love and inspiration lives forever, come take a moment to pledge an act of kindness and positivity on the tree of goodness that holds altruistic energy for all


Spin the wheel and enjoy the magic. Keeping in mind that quality, see how it colours your thoughts, your environment and your world

Kite flying

Spend a day under clear skies with a little help from mother nature the let the wind bring some good fun with some colorful kites. This could become one of your kids’ favorite memories.   Please feel free to bring your own kites…. There might be room for some clean competition

Face painting

Wanna add a little color to your face and day? Come, visit us at our face-painting station

Meditation Experiences

Visit the  ‘Meditation Lounge’ a place where you can enjoy a serene atmosphere, dive into your inner space and discover your true self

Spiritual Exhibits

Are you curious and devoted to the pursuit of a more fulfilling  life? Then visit our spiritual exhibit and a get a taste of a new enlightened pathway to life

Games to Activate and Empower the Mind

Take on a brain teaser and see if you can win a prize with our stimulating mental games ….guaranteed to bring out your inner child!

Soul Spa

Treat your spirit with a color reading exercise...and a few moments of reflection could well rejuvenate your day and your life

Panel discussion


A thought provoking discussion to help you during your Peacemaking journey, that will help turn insight into action.  It's about bringing to light how when you join with others to preserve our environment using compassion and courage you are creating peace. It is as much about who you are as what you do


Want an ancient design tatooed temporarily on your body? Visit our special Henna station


We are so glad we came to this peace in the park…its like every moment there is something positive happening. People here are so wonderful. I hope this continues on a regular basis, so we can be part of it again…just feel so blessed today! 

— Anita Khetpal